Free Utility To Convert Word Documents To PDF

I’m sure there are a million DOC-2-PDF converters available today. I downloaded PrimoPDF a while back to convert some Word documents to PDF for a client’s website. I didn’t have (or need) a full version of Adobe Acrobat, and wasn’t prepared to pay a £250.00 premium just to convert a couple of Word documents.

So, anyway, I downloaded Primo. Basically, the PrimoPDF installs a new printer in Windows. You print your documents through that and it converts them to a PDF file on your computer. Just like that.

The installation is a doddle. No need to go into that. Run the installer click next a few times and you’re done. Instead, I’m going to look at creating a new PDF file using PrimoPDF.

Converting A Word Doc To PDF

  1. Open the document in Word (this actually applies to virtually any program).
  2. Select File, Print. Select the PrimoPDF driver from the list of printers and click OK.
    Selecting PrimoPDF Driver in Microsoft Word
  3. The PrimoPDF options window will appear after the job has been spooled. You can use the Document Properties button to embed Author, Title and Subject information into the file, and you can specify Security options like requiring passwords to open the file and denying readers the ability to copy text or print the file.
    PrimoPDF Security Options
  4. Also in the options screen, you can specify where you want the PDF to be saved to and you can optimize your PDF for screen, print, e-book or prepress.
    PrimoPDF Options Screen
  5. Set your options as required and click OK. Your file will be created in the location you specified and by default should open up in Acrobat Reader.

The great thing about this is that you can print anything to PDF – even web pages. I tested it with this site, and got a perfectly servicable PDF. Be aware though that unless there is a specific print stylesheet for the webpage, the styles are likely to be stripped out of the document. Nothing wrong with that as long as it’s readable.

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