Itching To Try WordPress 2.0

The WordPress dashboard on my hosted blogs has gone nuts this past few days with details of the forthcoming 2.0 release. I’m on tenterhooks. Don’t think I’ve been this excited about a software release before!

Let’s face it, WordPress is emotional software. How many people use it every day to pour out their lives or to earn a living (I’m talking Pro-Bloggers here)? I know I’ve come to rely on WP and not a day goes by when I don’t use it in some fashion.

In an ideal world, I’ve love to test the Release Candidate and give something back to the community, but life’s just too busy at the moment. Maybe in the future. Actually, I’d maybe give a hand doing something with BBPress, if I had the time to spare. That’s another project I’d love to play with. Someday.

Anyway, has whetted my apetite, so I’m dying to have a play and upgrade my sites. I’ve even got a testblog that I can destruct-test it on if needs be….

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