Drupal 6

Drupal LogoAfter a seriously long wait, Drupal 6 has been released to the web. By coincidence, I checked for it yesterday, as I’ve been watching the Drupal site for a while. I’ve done a quick upgrade (made a major screw-up along the way), and upgraded some modules.

All in all, this site isn’t too heavy on contributed modules. I don’t even use pathauto here, so upgrading was relatively straightforward.

My big screw-up was that I put the site into maintenance mode to prepare for the upgrade. Then I logged out to verify that maintenance mode had worked. Big mistake. When the site’s in maintenance mode, there’s no obvious way to log back in as the admin.

Thankfully, a quick search reveals that by accessing yoursite.com/user, you can log in again. Phew!

Anyway, my big test at the moment is to confirm if Windows Live Writer and Drupal 6 will work together. This post has been drafted in Live Writer, so I’m intrigued to see what happens when I hit that post button…

Update: Someone has sponsored a port of the Drupal 5 blog API across to Drupal 6. It’s now available as a module to download. I’ve just tested it against this blog and it works perfectly.

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