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Haven't posted here in a while, but there's a lot of good stuff going on with Unreality TV and I wanted to share it here.

Unified Themes

Since we decided to launch companion blogs to Unreality TV, we decided to create a professional template, which you can see at Unreality Music. Over the coming weeks, the entire site will be unified with this theme. I think it's one of the most professional I've ever designed, with a little help from the guys who wrote the Sandbox theme for WordPress.

New Blogs

We've been working on the music blog for a while, and we'll be putting together the Primetime blog very soon. I want to get down to blogging a bit more as well, since it's what piqued my renewed interest in blogging again! The music blog will be my big thing, and I want to cover unsigned acts as well as mainstream music. those visitors who come for mainstream music will discover some interesting new acts!

New Advertisers

We've been trying a couple of different new advertising schemes which are yielding great results. I'm glad they're doing so well. I'll maybe cover these in a future post.

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Gerard is a web designer, blogger and web publisher. He’s one of the founders of the enormously popular UK reality TV blog, Unreality TV and is currently developing its sister site Unreality TV USA. Share!

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